Anubudhs Online Proctoring Platform-Your online examination invigilator

Anubudhs Online Proctoring Platform-Your online examination invigilator

Online proctoring is the ability for employees and institutes to undertake & monitor exams without their physical presence. It allows students to take an exam in a distant location while maintaining exam integrity. This type of online assessment is administered by experienced human proctors, an A.I. Algorithms, or both.

Anubudh Has a team of highly experienced professionals who develop online exam proctoring software that outperform all the rest. Research is an important part of the product development process and our team undergoes rigorous research to provide only the best to our clients. Our goal is to provide our clients with the latest technologies, unique products, and unsurpassed services in a cost-effective manner that meets their needs.

Anubudh 's Monday Morning online examination software is designed to conduct:

Educational Assessment Through our accurate testing and assessment, you could map learners’ progress via visual data and charts. The Monday Morn

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December 27, 2021
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